The oldest primary school in Hanoi, should visit

The oldest primary school in Hanoi, should visit, the school is located in Dong Ngac village. We departs from hotel then transfer to Dong Ngac village where we will visit the old school, then doing easy biking around Dong Ngac village and Tay Tuu Flower village. This tour is one of the most Hanoi tours should be booked, when you travel to Hanoi and North Vietnam.


Dong Ngac village

Hanoi tours, The ancient primary school since 1921 in Dong Ngac village, Impress Travel – Hanoi tours. Impress Travel designs a half day tour to visit Dong Ngac village, where you can find out one of the most ancient primary school in hanoi that was built 1921. When you come here to be attracted by the school’s roof with unique designs like a pagoda and temple’s roof.